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Linux Talk

· One min read
Shriharsh Acharya

Linux Talk: Unveiling the Power of Open Source


On April 19th, Linux talk a yearly event hosted by KUCC and KUOSC was held that offered an exploration of open-source software. The session went into a discussion of the collaborative nature of open-source development, where source code is freely available for contribution.The Linux talk was accompanied by the inauguration of GNOME Nepal.

This ceremony promises to be a valuable resource for enthusiasts of the GNOME desktop environment, providing a platform for collaboration, learning, and promoting the adoption of open-source software in Nepal.

With that, the representative of GNOME Nepal, Aditya Singh shared his experience working with GNOME and his contributions to the GNOME Project, and how we could also help and interact with the community. A particularly engaging element of the event was a Kahoot session. It enthralled the participants and brought a spirit of competition within the peers.

After the Kahoot session, there was an interactive session with community members and heads of communities under KUCC, which was beneficial for new members of the club and community.