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Pizza-Powered OS Talk

· 3 min read

Pizza and OS Talk

pizza talkMay-12-2024

Ahh, who doesn't love to talk about OS while taking a tasty bite on a pizza? Maybe not all the people on the world, but we had an awesome opportunity to do so. This event began by bringing the orders of delicious Pizzas from "The Pizza House, Banepa" and subsequently having a gathering in the Lotus Fountain at Kathmandu University. Then, we all circled up and gave our introduction, and in-addition, what we expected from that session. Many were there for the pizza; the outcome changed however.

The talk's main objective was to distribute the ideas that we had among the people who participated. And I got to know about the different initiatives KUOSC had put forward to promote open-source. Below listed are the projects that were discussed:

Neplib Linux

This is an Operating System project that KUOSC has been working on to provide to the schools of rural areas, where there hardly is infrastructure of internet. This system bundled content from Help Nepal Network for providing materials to primary and seconday level students. In addition this operating system also provides a telementry side for monitoring the computer systems deployed and maintaining them. The main objective of this project was to provide a user-friendly interfacd, specifically designed for beginners who may not have used a computer before. The operating system project intends to update and upgrade the previously built software, bringing a fresh content to E-library deployed in remote Nepali regions.

OS for Lab

The OS for Lab project is something that aims to provide a operating system, that is to be implemented in computer labs of high-schools in order to have interactions within the same network: sharing files for assignment, and lab works. This OS project uses Cisco for netorking and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL to serve the content and create a database. Although this project was initially thought to be made for Kathmandu University, implementing in other schools and colleges seem to be a good idea, rather than confining it within the walls of the college.

After discussing, I was truly impressed, and contributed ideas of my own in the talk as well. Then came the fun part: PIZZAS. We all started to take a slice and had our conversation topic diverged from operating systems to programming languages to web and application buildings. I personally thank Mr. Pranish Kafle for providing me with insight of the significance of Java and Kotlin programming language. Then came the second round of PIZZAS, we all took our slices and started to continue the conversation, which at-last made sure that no one was there for only the pizzas, but the knowledge as well.