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Linux Bootcamp and Vim Workshop

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Linux Bootcamp

A three day session which initiated hands-on experience on Linux, and Vim.

Day 1: Linux Introduction and Installations


I, presenting about the linux-filsystem

This was the first day of the Linux Bootcamp, the number of participants were enough to fill all the benches in the classroom. The program began by simply stating about the outline of the bootcamp, and what to expect (slides can be found on the link below the heading of Linux Bootcamp). Mr Sugat Sujakhu and I presented about the linux ecosystem and the Linux file-system hierarchy. After the presentation ended, we started to install Linux on the participants computer under their consent. The installations were a bit of a hiccupss on some computer due to Windows Bitlocker Encryption, but after a while every computer were running linux (some did dual boot, while some chad people performed linux installation as their one and only operating system). Post installation, a few basic linux commands were taught. The day was success, with a few installations happening in the College's library by my and my friends.

Day 2: Essential Commands, Installing Applications, Learning About Processes


Shriharsh,the most handsome guy I've ever seen, teaching about advanced linux commands

Well then came the second day. We had expected a drop in members given the complexity of the operating system; however, to our surprise, the number of members were maintained, and even a few new people came into the workshop to learn more about the knowledge they had in the past. This day, the presentation was done by the combined effort of me, Rajat, and Shriharsh. I explained about the package management and file ownership, while Shriharsh showed his expertise on text-based pattern mathching, and Rajat explained about the Processes and how they work in Linux. The participants of the workshop also replicated the commands, on their machine, that were projected on the smart-board through our computer. The program ended by installing linux again in some systems that were missed the day prior. Lastly, cheat-sheet resources were put for people who wanted to learn more about the given topic.

Day 3: The final showdown: VIM


Rajat, the vim-lord himself, teaching Vim

Vim Workshop

This was the last day of the bootcamp, and the vim-lord (Rajat) himself single-handedly handled this event, everything from presenting to creating resources. This was by far the most interesting and wonderful session that I had ever been into, even better than the one I had done in the past. Rajat not only explained vim, but created an interactive workshop where people attending would follow him in a way that's constructive. Me, and Shriharsh were volunteering and we could see the interactive-ness of the people who were intruiged into learning vim. The session taught almost all the basic commands required to efficiently edit text in Vim, and some advanced motions as well.

Winners of the Kahoot Session

Kahoot session

The end of the workshop was done by commencing a Kahoot session, where questions were asked about the different commands and the participants answered the questions on their device. This was a session filled with joy, and enthusiasm from the people who participated. I was happy to know that the winner were the people who were newcomers to Linux. Moreover, the winner got stickers and chocolates, which were a motivating factor. And by the end of this very session, the entire linux bootcamp was ended.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Abhiyan Dhakal, Nirjal Bhurten, and Sugat Sujakhu for providing this wonderful opportunity to orgnize and tutor Linux Bootcamp. Moreover, I would like to thank my friends: Shriharsh Acharya, and Rajat Dahal on collaborating to create this project a massive success.