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Open Source Contribution Swags:

This document outlines the Kathmandu University Open Source Club's (KUOSC) policy and workings regarding the distribution of special swag to contributors. The policy covers two categories of swag distribution and emphasizes that contributions to both KUOSC and the Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) are valued and encouraged.

Top Monthly Contributor Swag

KUOSC recognizes the importance of Software Freedom Day, a global celebration of the open-source movement. To mark this occasion, KUOSC will distribute special edition swag to contributors who actively participate in club activities and projects leading up to Software Freedom Day.KUOSC acknowledges the valuable contributions made by its members throughout the month.

  • Eligibility: All contributors to KUOSC and KUCC are eligible for consideration.
  • Selection Criteria: KUOSC will establish a point system to track contributions across both clubs. This system may include points for activities such as:
  • Code commits to KUOSC and KUCC repositories on GitHub:
  • Bug fixes in KUOSC and KUCC projects
  • Documentation improvements for KUOSC and KUCC projects
  • The contributor with the highest points at the month's end will be recognized as the top contributor.
  • Swag Details: Top monthly contributors will receive swags ranging from a mini sticker to a gift hamper full of Star Wars comics and merchandise.

Transparency and Communication

KUOSC will maintain transparency regarding the swag selection process. The point system used for evaluating monthly contributions will be communicated to all members of both KUOSC and KUCC. At the beginning of each month, KUOSC will announce the Software Freedom Day swag distribution criteria and any updates to the monthly point system. The announcement will be made through the preferred communication channels of both clubs, such as email, social media platforms, or online forums.


KUOSC's swag distribution program aims to motivate and appreciate contributors across both KUOSC and KUCC.KUOSC hopes to foster a more engaged and active open-source community within Kathmandu University by offering special rewards for the top contributors.